Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My first ever design Raspberry ripple bag adding finishing touches

Well id like to appologise for the change of website but my previous site wasnt suitable for my needs so hence the change...Anyway i would like to also THANK you all for you'r lovely encouraging comments and all of your support and interest in my bag and im sorry i've taken so long to make it available but i promise ive been working very hard along with having both of my children very poorly with chicken pox and tonsilitious(soory if its not spelt right) also both me and my hubby have been poorly with flu and ive had my usual problems with my leg dislocating but got an MRI thursday so hoping ill get some good news well fingers crossed....anyway i dont want to bore you with all of the details.

Im just now adding the finishing touche's like measurements and final picture's that ill be adding to the pattern also making sure ive got the yarns correct as any of the scarf ribbon mesh yarns can be used but as their width's are all different they need to be knitted slightly different such as smaller ones need to be knitted right into the top rown of holes to get a similar affect but it wont have as much length to the ruffle as the yarns like Rico Can Can, Knitting Fever's Flounce, Grundi Flemenco and also the cheeper versions like the qd yarn and the Lidl yarn those of which are knitted into the hole's 1/4 from the top so it create's a lovely ruffle affect.

I would like to also add though that if anyone has any problems at all with my pattern to contact me via e-mail and ill help you out, also if i do have any errors in my pattern at all i do appologise in advance its my very first pattern that im publishing and its all very exciting and scary at the same time as i never expected the reaction i recieved and im still gobsmacked by it.
Im not having a very good few days pain wise so im going to start editing the pictures ive got now and then they'll be done and i can get the rest of the things finished off tomorrow afternoon....Thanks kindly for all your patience with me i do appreciate it.
I hope you all enjoy the pattern very much and id love to hear from you all who've made it i'd also love to see you'r photo's then i'll add them to a slide show so others can see them too.

Thanks to you all
Thanks for your support
Happy knitting/crocheting crafting
Marie (twinkle27)

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  1. Congratulations Marie, I think your design is lovely :-)