Sunday, 17 April 2011

Welcome to my new blog

Firstly i'd like to welcome you all to my new blog...I was using another site before but it was very suitable for what i needed so i decided to set up a blog on here and im already finding it so much better with alot more features that are very easy to use esp for someone like me who's not that good at all this but im sure ill get there one day.

Well i'll start by telling you a little bit about myself and what im going to be blogging about....My name is Marie, im married to a very special man who's also my full time carer(long story) will explain in another post, but to put it short im serverly physically disabled and spend everyday stuck on my bed unless i have to goto hospital appointments and im having a rare good day, in other words numb from my pain relief.... i also have two beautiful kids Jade nicole who's 7 this year and James who's 4 xmas eve, We live in Lincolnshire UK, i have a very close family who support me in ever way and encourage me in my new hobbie's which is what my blog is going to be about.

It all started in january 2010 when i saw an ad on tv for a weekly mag called The Art Of Crochet, (ill explain what its about in another post) at this point in my life i was sinking deeper and deeper into the dreaded Depression, and so i told myself and my family who had first suggested it that i get a hobby.  After seeing the ad i decided id give it a try...To be honest with you id only heard of crocheted doileys and lace before and was totally suprised by what i read and saw it to me was just like knitting as in you can crochet almost anything.

Anyway i got started with my hook and yarn it did take me a few days to manage to get the correct tension but after 1 week i was hooked (no pun intended).  I then decided i would search the world of crochet online and oh my i was gobsmacked at the amount of different patterns, stitche's everything i soon fell in love with my new hobby and couldnt wait to get my yarn collection going the second week in my hubby bought me a full set of hooks and a few different weight yarns so i could get started.

Then he sat amazed as the hats, scarves and bags came flowing also i started making cushion covers as well as the squares in each issue.

By June 2010 id collected a few knitting magazines even though they didnt all have crochet patterns in i loved reading about all the yarns and peoples stories and seeing beautiful patterns and as i couldnt knit to save my life i really wanted to try and so after lots of encouragement from family and friends i started learning to knit as i wanted to use both knitting and crochet together and after 2 weeks of battling with needles that were out of control and dropped stitches i finally cracked it and ive never looked back since. I also joined Ravelry and have since made alot of new friend who are all very supportive and ever so helpful its an amazing site for knitters, crocheters, weavers and yarn lovers of all kinds and everyone on there has amazing talents and create the most beautiful, some quirky, wild and fantastic patterns and projects its a must

Learning both these crafts has helped me supress  my long battle with depression finally and also given me a new outlook of life.....its amazing what a ball of yarn, a hook or needles and some creative hands can create.  So my advice to anyone who is starting to learn these crafts or any crafts dont give up keep trying and you'll get there and you'll be pleased you did.

I now have an ever growing stash of yarns and patterns and magazines that are overflowing so ive been put on a yarn buying budget that i can use once ive managed to tame down my knitting its hard having to resist all the beautiful yarns but im knitting and crocheting as fast as i can so i can get some more.

Well by now you'll have gathered i mumble on i find it harder to explain things when im on all these tablets ie: Morphene Diasipam Tramadol etc etc so if ever you dont quiet understand what i mean just ask and i'll try my best to explain it better.

Well it's time for me to get back to my knitting as im busy busy busy getting the last few things together ready to publish my first pattern which im hoping will be on here over the next few days.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and visiting my blog very much appreciated and i hope i didnt bore you.

Happy knitting/hooking
Marie also known as Twinkle27 on ravelry, knit today forum, lets knit forum, busymitts, craftbubble. Flickr

Take care xx :)

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